48 wooden Blocs with Numbers

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Educational purpose:
It can train the coordination of hand, eye and brain of children, and improve the stability of big muscles and small muscles of hands;
Train children's stamina and concentration;
Promote brain thinking and balance of the cerebellum, and stimulate the potential creativity of children.
The toy is also suitable for adults to play, and has the effect of thrilling stimulation, and can also be used as a family game to promote the parent-child relationship;
The use of non-toxic toys dedicated paint, log color, environmentally friendly, non-toxic. This product can not only train people's hand eye coordination ability and willpower, but also can train balance force. At the same time, the process of building blocks can improve the patience and self-control, and can exercise the flexible use of the muscles of the hands. The important thing is to increase the friendship and emotion of the game players.
Game method:
Play dice to decide, you decide the quantity of dices.
The  thrown figures, plus, minus, multiplication, and division are determined by others (but must be decided before throwing). The sum of the figures corresponds to which block of wood. The block is taken out and stacked over it. Players take turns to play. The player who gets the blocks piled up first, and he loses. Stack up after you've done that, who makes a building collapse is a loser. (Note: you must use only one hand)

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